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Our certified experts follow CDC guidelines using a 2-step disinfection process to sanitize your building. Our process guarantees the virus is eradicated from your space for 30 days.


Shop the same disinfection products trusted and used by NASA, DOD & Red Cross and get 30 days of antimicrobial protection - and 8 hours of hand sanitizer protection.
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CDC Recommended
Disinfection Process
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CDC Recommended Cleaning

& Disinfecting Process

An important part of staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic and flu season is reducing the risk of exposure to disease. The CDC recommends cleaning contaminated surfaces before disinfection for maximum remediation of harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, and influenzas like COVID-19. 

Our 2-Step Disinfecting Process Includes:

First, spraying our All-Purpose Green Cleaner to highly trafficked surfaces and wiping clean.

Then, we apply our Antimicrobial Protectant and Disinfectant, and allow surfaces to completely dry to deliver longer-lasting residual protection for 30 Days.


Disinfectant Fogger & Disinfection Services

Our expertly trained and certified biochemical remediation teams eradicate contaminated areas using our longer-lasting residual effect technology to prohibit the growth of hard-to-kill viruses, and bonds to surfaces to prohibit germs, bacteria, and disease.


Our teams adhere 100% to CDC guidelines and use our EPA-approved disinfectant that provides 30 days of antimicrobial protection. We use a proprietary 2-step fogger/spray system that includes a complete wipe down of all entryways and touch-points, and will also provide on-site maintenance training to clients' staff and employees.


Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting Products

Our residual effect disinfectants and sanitizers provide an invisible barrier of antimicrobial protection against harmful germs, bacteria and disease for up to 24 hours with our Foaming Hand Sanitizer, and 30 days with our Antimicrobial Protectant

and Disinfectant.


Our products reduce and kill pathogens to ensure your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now available to the public and trusted by NASA, DOD & Red Cross disinfection protocols, our products are scientifically proven with studies published in the American Journal of Infection Control.


Watch the video above to see the science behind our products. "Stay Protected, Get Disinfected."

About Us

Coronavirus Cleanup GA is a veteran-owned business headquartered in Georgia, with offices across the USA. We help communities combat the COVID-19 pandemic and influenza season by delivering innovative products and services that keep households healthy, businesses open, and surfaces safer for longer than other sanitizers and disinfectants on the market today. 


With over a decade of experience, we have an

A+ BBB rating and are committed to slowing the spread of coronavirus through longer-lasting hand sanitizers, residual effect disinfectants, green cleaners, and disinfection services.


Unlike other products and services on the market today, our persistent residual antimicrobial products and commercial disinfection processes protect for 30 days.


COVID-19 Survivor

My husband was recently diagnosed with Coronavirus. He and I live in a small home with our 13-year-old. We are black, and I am diabetic. When he got sick, I was terrified for Mo, my daughter, and me. I immediately began using these products to clean my home. I am happy to say that he recovered, and my daughter and I never contracted the virus. I strongly recommend these products as I feel they protect my daughter and me from the virus.