Health officials are taking necessary steps to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19 into our Georgia communities. Schools should take steps now to prepare and prevent the spread of coronavirus among their students and staff and to minimize disruptions to teaching and learning. They should also plan to build on everyday practices that include strategies for before, during, and after a possible outbreak.


While information about COVID-19 in children is limited, studies suggest that confirmed cases generally have mild symptoms. Despite the lower risk of serious illness, a small percentage of children have been reported to have a more severe sickness.

As with adults, person-to-person spread to or from children is thought to occur mainly via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Studies also indicate that people who are infected but do not have symptoms likely play a role in the spread of COVID-19.


Children and staff with coronavirus-like symptoms should avoid contact with others and remain at home. Schools should be prepared for COVID-19 outbreaks in their local communities and for individual exposure events to occur in their facilities.

For additional guidance in school settings before and during an outbreak, please visit the CDC here.

BlueKey's CoronaVirus Cleanup provides commercial COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services. We provide professional proactive and preventative treatments to curb the introduction and spread of the coronavirus into schools, businesses, government centers, churches, and our community institutions. ​

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