BlueKey Coronavirus Cleanup GA continues to lead the charge on COVID-19 preparedness, prevention, and decontamination. The company is now offering additional on-site safety training to Georgia clients interested in proactive coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting solutions.


Topics will include proper daily disinfection guidelines, workplace documentation, and helpful information for the staff - like what to do if you feel someone may have been infected.

BlueKey hopes to never hear that a client has encountered a positive case of coronavirus, but they have trained and certified biohazard teams prepared for emergency decontaminations all over Georgia.​ From Fortune 40 Companies to Mom and Pop shops and government facilities, BlueKey Coronavirus Cleanup is decontaminating millions of square feet a month for Georgia commercial customers. 


Contact us to learn more about Georgia's premier disinfecting company, including:


  • On-Site Staff Safety Training

  • Guaranteed Response Time

  • Trained and Certified Bio-Hazard Teams

  • Complimentary Insurance Policy Review

  • Highest Rated Services w/ Anti-Price Gauging Policy

  • 2-Step CDC Disinfection Guidelines Using EPA Approved Solutions

BlueKey Coronavirus Cleanup Safety Train