Foaming Hand Sanitizer - Gallon Refill

Goldshield® 24 Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer 1 gallon refill bottle

Foaming Hand Sanitizer - Gallon Refill

SKU: GS24-002L-001IL

The world's only water-stabilized, alcohol-free hand sanitizer that provides long-term protection. Will not leach into the bloodstream. Water-based, alcohol-free, gentle "foam” hand/body sanitizer. Pleasant, mild grape fragrance. FDA approved.


For personal protection, our alcohol-free hand sanitizer also kills harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses using similar residual effect technology. No need to keep applying - one application provides long-lasting protection for up to 24 hours. 

(For use with our automatic foaming hand sanitizer dispenser. Household sizes also available.)


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Did you know?

* Antibacterials are only effective against bacteria

* Disinfectants kill germs on surfaces temporarily but do not provide long-term disinfection

* Antimicrobials kill or inhibit germs, bacteria, and viruses

* Sanitizers simultaneously clean and disinfect


Directions: Foam into palm and massage into hands and under fingernails. Air dry. One application protects and delivers lasting barrier protection for up to 24 Hours!